c-VEDA dataset main page: https://cveda.org/dataset
Release date: 2019-04-17
DOI: 10.25720/veda-c11f

This is the second release of c-VEDA Psytools baseline (BL) data obtained from the automated pipe-line that runs on the c-VEDA server, and the first we recommend for scientific research purposes. The whole c-VEDA team have worked hard to compare previous releases 0.9 and 1.0 and investigate and fix discrepancies. The derivation R library psytools_task_derivations.R provided by Delosis has been updated accordingly to calculate scores, fix scales and address issues that have been found so far.

Psytools files can be downloaded via SFTP:

We also provide as usual an excerpt of the recruitment files maintained by each recruitment centre, which provide reference values for both the date of birth and sex of each subject. The reference date of birth is not published, rather we use it internally to calculate the age in days associated to dates during de-identification.

The de-identified excerpt of the recruitment files can be downloaded via SFTP:

Errors and caveats

Two questionnaires have been truncated (CORSI and MINI5). Please use a later release to if you need these questionnaires.