c-VEDA dataset main page: https://cveda.org/dataset
Release date: 2019-10-16
DOI: 10.25720/veda-c14j

This is the first release of the c-VEDA dataset including toxicology and neuroimaging data, both baseline and follow-up.

Data can be downloaded via SFTP:

For this release we have improved the derivation functions of the Psytools data, the CSV files should be easier to read. In future releases we might provide data in SPSS format that would include all the information in the codebooks. For now the codebooks are available separately:

As usual we also provide an excerpt of the recruitment files maintained by each recruitment centre, which provide reference values for both the date of birth and sex of each subject. These reference values have been re-checked and should be used instead of the values found in Psytools files. The reference date of birth is not published, rather we use it internally to calculate the age in days associated to dates during de-identification.

The de-identified excerpt of the recruitment files can be downloaded via SFTP:

Errors and caveats

  • Some identifiers found in Psytools files are missing from the recruitment file. You may choose to disregard such data as they might disappear from future releases.
  • Some participants listed in the recruitment file lack any Psytools data. We might never be able to identify data associated to these participants.