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Data sharing and publication guidelines

Make sure you read the guidelines before requesting access to the dataset:

Data sharing and publication guidelines

Access to the dataset via SFTP

Once you are authorized to access all or part of the c-VEDA dataset, an account shall be created for you on the c-VEDA server at NIMHANS. You can then use an SFTP client such as WinSCP or FileZilla to access the dataset.

As an example, we provide a screen capture of the WinSCP Login dialog, set up to access the NIMHANS SFTP server:

Important parameters are:

  • File protocol: SFTP
  • Host name:
  • User name:
  • Password:

After login WinSCP shows your home folder in the left panel and the remote folder with the c-VEDA data on the NIMHANS server in the right panel: